Cleaning Service NYC

New York one of the biggest financial centers of the world would need many sectors help maintain the city to retain its beauty and glory. The people of New York City are equally busy and also need people to help maintain their house to retain its health and durability.

Cleaning Service NYC is responsible for the department of cleanliness. They on order clean and maintain the houses, offices, commercial area, garden and many more. As they have been involved with the cleanliness they are fast, efficient and professional. They are friendly and trustworthy.

If your house is a mess and if you think it is a permanent state of affairs as long as your work culture does not change then you can always bank on Cleaning Service NYC byMakaiNY.

Some of the services Cleaning Service NYC provides as far as house cleaning is concerned are:

  • They dust, clean, wipe all the carpet floors
  • They clean furniture, Television, computers, mirrors, photographs, windows, frames
  • They remove the trash
  • In Kitchen, they clean all the exterior of the service appliances like the refrigerator
  • They clean all the cabinets, tables, chairs
  • They wash all the dishes
  • They clean and scrub sinks
  • In Bedroom, they clean all the tables, wardrobes, table lamps
  • They change all the pillow covers, bed sheets and blankets
  • In bathroom, they clean the toilet area, shower area and the sink
  • They wash and clean the tiles and sanitize the bathroom
  • They wash all the curtains

Some of the few additional services they provide:

  • They wash and fold the laundry
  • They wash and clean all service appliances like refrigerator from both outside and inside
  • They wash and clean the windows from outside and inside
  • They wash the wall and the wallpapers

Some of the special services they provide are:

  • If you have promised your friends a party at home but have no time to organize it then Cleaning Service NYC will set up a party at your house for you. Once the party has wrapped up they would also clean up, pack and leave nothing affected
  • If you are moving your house or a few things then Cleaning Service NYC would help you in packing, moving to the new place and then unpacking.
  • They also clean and help people to remove the paint if you want to repaint a house.
  • Cleaning Service NYC will help you in cleaning up an after construction location.
  • Looks like you are going to have a busy week and won’t be home for quite a few days as you are flying out for a client meeting and you have your family back home that are equally busy. They you need to stop worrying and call Cleaning Service NYC as they would not only do the grocery shopping for you but also cook for your family.

Treat Cleaning Service NYC byMakaiNY as an extended family who would always be there when you need them the most.

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